Providing connection so incarcerated families can continue their story together.

Provide hope for a family living with incarceration.

Their Story



  • We provide new storybooks for people who are incarcerated in Wyoming facilities to select and read via recording to their child(ren). 
  • We mail the book and recording access to the child(ren).
  • We help incarcerated families with tools to write letters and communicate their stories. We are partnering with Wyoming's KIPP (Kids of Incarcerated Parents Program) for this connection piece

We exist to provide hope that when an incarcerated person is released, they have stayed connected with their child.




  • Everyone who is incarcerated has a story.
  • Every child who is separated from their family member has a story.
  • Everyone Has a Story Project provides a connection so families can continue their story together.

Value of Connection

People grow and thrive in connection; when people feel connected, they feel safe.

Upon release from incarceration, a person who stayed connected with their family - especially their children - is less likely to relapse.

When a child hears and/or sees their parents, they're reassured that their parent is okay.

Through storybooks, a child's imagination can return and they can feel like a child again.

Treat everyone with dignity.

Take the time to learn everyone's story.