Providing connection so incarcerated families can continue their story together.

What's Your Story?

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  • $20 - Covers the cost of a book, mailer, and postage for one child.
  • $50 - Covers the cost of gas for volunteers to travel to prison.
  • $100 - Board Book Level to help with start up costs.*
  • $250 - Picture Book Level  to help with start up costs.*
  • $500 - Easy Reader Book Level to help with start up costs.*
  • $1,000 - Chapter Book Level to help with start up costs.*

*Start up costs include but not limited to: tech equipment such as laptop with DVD drive, recording devices; DVD's, mailers, initial book orders

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You Can Help - State of Wyoming


  • At the prison site (Wyoming DOC) - help with reading and recording. Training Required
  • At the office (Cheyenne) - help with mailing books and setting up recording access
  • Book Orders - help with selecting books for ordering process.
  • Writing Tools - help with letter writing and storytelling education.
  • Craft Ideas for the Women while they're waiting to read/record. These crafts need to align with the mission of Everyone Has a Story.