Providing connection so incarcerated families can continue their story together.

About Us



It all started with a reading podcast. Mary Kay Huck, Founder, listened to a guest on What Should I Read Next? podcast and learned that she volunteered for Women's Storybook Project of Texas.  With her heart stirred, Mary Kay asked around - does Wyoming have a reading program for the incarcerated and their children? After months of prayer and God's confirmation, Mary Kay launched Everyone Has a Story Project in February 2019. God immediately began putting people in place including an incredible Advisory Board.


First Reading/Recording

Video Interview at Cheyenne Hills Church


Advisory Board

Everyone Has a Story Project's Advisory Board consists of:

  • A Judge
  • A Prayer Warrior
  • A Released Previously Incarcerated Mother
  • A Previous WY Department of Corrections Security Officer
  • A Current WY Department of Corrections Investigative Officer
  • A Mother with Two Children of a Previously Incarcerated Father 

Collaborative Connections, Inc.

So who is Collaborative Connections, Inc.? We are a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization set up in 2014 to be a flow-through entity "to provide services and eduational opportunities for populations in need (poverty, incarceration, parents and children in crisis) through contracts, grants, and public donations." 

Everyone Has a Story Project is an initiative under the umbrella of Collaborative Connections, Inc.